Art by Kaiden




Kaiden Tajiri is a self-taught, multidisciplinary artist hailing from Calgary, Alberta. Using a wide variety of mediums for their art that include, graphite, colored pencil, pen and ink, acrylics, wood, metal, polymer clays, epoxy, and other modeling compounds to create their works.


Kaiden was a construction worker before they studied archaeology, focusing on human remains and forensics. They spent 6 months in El Salvador interning with law enforcement as a forensic anthropologist and archaeologist, performing exhumations, de-fleshings, restitutions, and learning how to analyze congenital and traumatic anomalies in the bone. Currently, they work in film, hoping to find their way into a creative department to use their skills.


Kaiden doesn’t want to mimic the world as it is, but create worlds and creatures of legend and expose the tremendous power hidden beneath the surface. For this artist, photographs show an unbiased reflection. Art shows the magic within.


"I  started this business to create a place for myself to build my portfolio and to grow as an artist and to show others what i can and have created and see what creative opportunities open themselves up to me. I wanted to share that journey of growth with others, to share how each of us differs as artists and as people and to be able to learn from each other and help grow a healthy artistic community. I believe that artists deserve to be paid fair prices for their work the same as anyone else. My dream is to have the ability to support myself, doing what i love, making art and hopefully, inspiring others to do the same." -Kaiden



Calgary, Alberta 



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